Our Services

Nous Evolution provides services to companies, management teams, and other stakeholders for both transactions and business consulting.

Deal support

Get expert support on a range of deal types.

Planning a raise? Looking to sell? Assessing your options? We provide a range of services on transactions of all kinds, with stakeholders from early-stage companies to major financial institutions.


Financial modelling


Crypto payments

Investment cases

Draft memorandums

Asset relocation services

Presentation and IR materials

Shareholder relations

KYC services

Asset Relocation Services

We provide advisory and execution services to individuals and companies from Russian-speaking regions seeking to relocate to Western Europe and North America. This includes company formation and structuring services, partnership introductions and relationship facilitation.

Cross-Border Fintech

Working closely with the lawyers of Nous Evolution Legal, we advise clients on legally-compliant cross-border payment flows.

Make informed decisions when it counts most

Structure, timing, presentation, the investment case, round size, cheque size, communications, your financial model. These are just some of your concerns if you’re planning a deal.

Nous Evolution’s services cover every aspect of the process, from early conversations with investors through to successful execution.

Operational expansion

If you’re in financial services looking to grow your business in the EU or Americas, Nous Evolution can help.
We solve business, legal and regulatory challenges when incorporating companies in new territories, and we help our international partners expand into new markets.

Revenue growth

  • Lead introduction
  • Sales consultancy
  • Advising on suitable territories
  • Outsourced sales teams EU-wide

Cost reduction

  • Location finding for EU service centers
  • Securing office space with local terms
  • Talent acquisition
  • Back-office setup and management

Legal support

  • Incorporation
  • Labor law
  • Real estate advisory
  • Contract drafting
  • Compliance and regulatory

Basecamp: Optimized workspace design

Establishing a new office in a new territory comes with a host of challenges.

There are the obvious ones, like choosing the right location, negotiating terms. And there are more subtle ones: how do you want your team to interact? What do you want the space to say about your business, and how do you achieve it?

Having helped many businesses set up new offices in new countries, we know what it takes to get the office setup right.

That’s why we provide optimized workspace design as a specialist high-end service for ambitious businesses with high standards.

We will take into account everything from your hosting needs to technology requirements to your brand and aesthetics. The result is a curated work environment that helps you get the most from your team and your space.