Nous is ancient Greek for “intelligence” comprising both intuition and rationality.


At Nous Evolution, we are a dynamic group of people with complementary professional backgrounds and skills inspired to work together to organize the flow of capital toward businesses that are creating true value for society and to return the financial rewards to those who play an important role in that value creation.

Nous Evolution seeks to focus on value creation opportunities, where we grow the economic pie.

The result? This is not a zero-sum game. We seek outcomes where (a) real value is created
(taking into account all utility created and lost), and (b) our investors are rewarded for providing the capital to facilitate real value creation.


We, therefore, serve the greater goal of the expansion of consciousness (the world knowing itself). We rely on natural processes that yield the greatest awareness for practical uses: openness to ideas, flexibility in the application of models (valuation, competitive analysis), and an uncompromising acceptance of facts. Our job is to understand deeply before we recommend.



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