Nous Evolution

Operational Expansion & Internationalization

Nous Evolution is a business consulting firm helping clients internationalize their operations, with a focus on revenue growth and cost reduction.

Business Consulting

We focus on internationalization and operational expansion in Europe and the Americas, including strategy, real estate, finance, HR, and advisory services.


Basecamp is our proprietary co-working solution for professional service firms. First developed for NE Warsaw, it is currently expanding into London and Luxembourg.

Nous is ancient Greek for “intelligence” comprising both intuition and rationality. We believe it arises from the integration of specialized knowledge with general competence.


At Nous Evolution, we approach problems and develop solutions for our clients through a fusion of these two fundamental aspects and incorporate them into our work process.


We believe in a cooperative, multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. Our team, and the physical space in which we work, puts this belief into practice. To us, “multidisciplinary” means that each team member is competent in a broad range of disciplines (operations, finance, law) and a master of one.


Basecamp is designed to encourage cooperative engagement in highly inspiring surroundings. It is equipped with advanced technology that is integrated to empower our members to explore, hypothesize, research, analyze, construct, and express in the search for solutions. We value clear intuitive communication.



Business Consulting

Strategic support & financial advisory for companies entering new markets.

Operational expansion

Deal brokering, placement of products in foreign markets, and assistance in finding relevant clients & investors.


Consulting services & professional network development.

Real Estate

Solutions & advisory dedicated for professional services companies, including our proprietary solution: Basecamp


We are working closely with Rimon Law, offering global legal support & regulatory compliance services. 

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