Professional services co-working solution

What Basecamp has to offer

Nous Evolution’s “Basecamp” offers a curated co-working solution for communities of business professionals. We arrange for and deliver, fully furnished, contemporary workspaces, decorated entirely with works of art, and adapted to the business-specific needs of our clients. The space integrates advanced technology (ie design smartboards integrated with analytical work tools, powered by cloud-computing) to enable collaboration and harness individual efficiency.

The Basecamp format is based on, but not limited to, two primary types of community spaces:

Basecamp: Warsaw – Our “living room”/hosting space for clients and community, featuring the Subikurski Art Collection.

Basecamp: Warsaw – Our workspace, featuring NE’s proprietary design for a soundproof booth and a long table for collaborative work and conference meetings.

Further, there are private, or exclusive rooms and facilities that can be arranged based on the client’s business-specific request. In contrast to the mainstream market offers for corporate real estate leases, our curated process aims to optimize the space design thus providing a complete and sustainable solution.

Our Basecamps

Basecamp Warsaw

Our first, curated work environment is located in Warsaw and currently houses two organizations: Rimon Law and Nous Evolution. We created a spacious and innovative, gallery-like environment, suited for creative consultancy work and client meetings.

Sustainability, flexibility, and community are at the core of our design, so in our first Basecamp, we wanted to show the multifunctionality of spaces. There are 2 large rooms each approx. 80 sq m. Both are gallery spaces, however, the first is a community lounge with 2 areas suited for collaborative conversations and client meetings, whereas the second is a workroom with a long conference table and soundproof ‘Confessional’ – a soundproof booth suited for private/focused work.



Coming soon

Currently, we are working on two new Basecamp locations:

• Basecamp London
• Basecamp Luxembourg


What is the idea behind Basecamp?

Basecamp is a curated co-working space designed and maintained to serve specifically a community of financial services professionals and those in ancillary services. Our spaces are designed for XXI century ways of organizing intellectually demanding work, providing professionals with attractive spaces that inspire high performance and efficient collaboration, on the one hand, while respecting people’s autonomy in choosing how to achieve business objectives, on the other. The XXI century workspace needs to be a place where the anthropological needs of professionals are met: The instinct to host and to gather and the instinct to retreat and focus. This is in contrast to the XX century ideas of the workplace, taken from XIX century industrial thinking, where workers were thought as production units to be merely efficiently organized by function (e.g cubicles) and hierarchies (e.g. corner offices). By designing spaces that refine important human instincts and empower human faculties, the uniquely human ability to solve complex, multi-dimensional problems and achieve objectives that are the product of human imagination rather than machines, is enhanced. In more pedestrian terms, highly educated professional require an attractive environment that respects their autonomy and treats them in a way consistent with their social status, while providing them with the tools to do their job well.

Aside from that, our spaces provide areas in which hosting, internal and external, can take place. We believe this is an essential element of success. This evolution is possible at Basecamp through implementation of the three core qualities that we hone and care about:

Sustainability. Flexibility. Community.

How can companies benefit from Basecamp?
At NE we believe that the three core qualities mentioned can be achieved in a modern co-working place by applying a relevance-based approach. It is achieved not merely by curating the spaces, but most importantly by tailoring, the network of relationships connected via Basecamp.

Our solution provides:
• Office costs optimization for member organizations.
• Answer to the new challenges faced by companies in the recent global pandemic.
• A modern workplace that adapts to an evolving and more sustainable work model.
• Membership in a relevant business ecosystem and a growing international network.

New possibilities of what a workplace can stand for, such as surrounding oneself with unique design, great art, and rotating exhibitions and events.

Why is Basecamp different from any other co-working space?
Basecamp members are not merely tenants in a common space co-existing, but instead, they form a community of economically and socially relevant partners. Basecamp is a high-end offer dedicated specifically to institutional clients, large or small, which provides a tailored environment for a limited number of members. At Nous Evolution, we are focused on curating synergies within each Basecamp networks so that our member organizations foster communities of valuable members and business partners.

So far, the co-working model has been unavailable or perceived as unfit for organizations in industries defined by particular sets of standards, professional requirements, and regulations. Our observation is that it is mostly due to the element of randomness among client members of the majority of such offers and a lack of tailored solutions to facilitate more demanding industry needs like f. eg. processes for data segregation in terms of IT, segregation of spaces and documentation storing, as well as pre-selection of member organizations connected via the co-working space.

The work environment offered by Basecamp addresses the needs for greater sustainability and flexibility in a workplace by curating a socially & economically relevant co-working environment.

Why is the concept called Basecamp?

The term “Basecamp” is derived from mountaineering and represents a place usually set up at the base of the world’s highest summits. It is where mountain climbers plan their expeditions, gather resources, and perform final preparations and training. It is also where teams are formed and where tasks and responsibilities are distributed. Finally, it is a place where climbers socialize, rest, meet other climbers, and celebrate success after safe descent.

Nous Evolution’s Basecamp is inspired by the values shared among the community of Alpine mountaineers. Basecamp integrates the changing needs of business professionals, whom we like to compare as teams of climbers attempting the highest summit ascents. In this regard, our Basecamps embody what the XXI century workplace should stand for: sustainability, flexibility, and community. We hope they will serve as the platform for our partners to fulfill their greatest business expedition.

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